Fabgenco Group Of Company is a Full Service in the sector of property management consultancy, Real Estate development, Civil Engineering services, General Engineering Construction, Sales and consult, General Goods and services, Import, export merchants, Financial investment co-operation, Logistics Management (Trucks, Cars etc. Selling and renting).
We maintain professional standard services that separate our clients in the areas that really matters in Real Estate Investment.
As a prominent company the wellbeing of our clients is a priority, we always ensure that all properties and buildings meets or exceeds client’s expectation.
We drop the best consultancy compered to others, just as we have made other corporates and individuals achieved greatly from our relationship.


Fagenco Group Of Company has established a leading presence in many of the key field of Property Management Consultancy service around Africa, we provide real estate solutions to individual and future clients. The ideal of (FGC) is to unite with property owners, tenants and buyers.
We have been in business since 1990. Our professional team of over 400 consultants operates from our offices in Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa.
We have extensive experience and a proven track record, using new methods to develop quality Properties at speed, we value client consultancy and provide you with the individual attention and service you deserve.
We drop the best consultancy compered to others, just as we have made other corporates and individuals achieved greatly from our relationship.


As a high standard property management consultancy group. Governed by the Companies Act, (FGC) is fully compliant, it was incorporated in 1990 by the Government of Nigeria.
As a professional consultancy group regulated by the Institution of Surveyors of Nigeria (ISN) and the Surveyors Registration Board (SRB), all the key staff have valid practicing certificates.
We understand that it is important to have sufficient insurance cover and as such (FGC) has secured professional indemnity for losses that might be suffered by our clients.

Our Core Values

Few facts about our company


We are dependable in achieving and sustaining high level of visibility which is essential in our filed of property management consultancy. Our company improvement is to make our clients achieve their specific goals on property management consultancy, with our impressive teamwork we understand that satisfied Clients are the key to success.


We welcome you to the world of (FGC) we are professional and innovative, we deliver integrity and effective property management consultancy service. As a client, we guarantee we will help with success criteria to make you achieve your specific goals, providing you all that dreamed properties where it speaks.


Great things start from great ideas our goal is to generate good ideas. At (FGC) we listen get to know the need of our clients and find the best consultancy solution for them, our cross border team of consultancy are the key differentiating factor in the continued success of our company.


We are working very hard to serve our communities with the highest level of service with knowledge, professionalism, honesty and integrity, assisting our communities in growth. Our Strategy is clear cut we consult value proposition with clients.


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