(FGC) has the resources to provide full service property management. Our staff of professional property managers is experienced in operating a wide coverage of properties that includes:

Our team of professionals has the skill and experience required, creating a positive impact in varied field conditions and for diverse property types.


Our team of professionals has the skill and experience, required of relevant market, this has helped us mark a point to upgrade in the valuation of land fixed and loose asset. Our general principle are based on individual client responsibility.
We always make sure our valuation process will develop client’s opinion for value both sales of vacant land and improved properties.


With an impressive team of original minds we have brought forth strong impression, that all our clients has one mainly interest for property valuation, taking all projects done at the right time.
We do not only promise to make it to the top but we promise to sustain it to the existing point.

Our process is broken down into 4 phases:


Valuation of plant and machinery is useful to the estimation of production of goods and services, this is a way to keep adding new value to existing without costs or time associated with development.
Whether you know your exact requirements or need our help, we’ll work with you to make worth contribution as possible, we make the process of working with us simple, fast and transparent.
We have taken large number of valuation assessment to the market value of fixed assets of various private and public sector companies for different purposes by taken internationally recognized and respected valuation approaches and techniques.


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